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Platinum Paws Program

These Pets have earned a place of distinction in the hearts of OHAR

The Platinum Paws Program was designed for OHAR pets that have found themselves living in the OHAR shelter during their platinum years.

Special incentives and sponsorships are provided to help find

Platinum Paws Pets loving homes


Ask anybody who has adopted an adult dog or cat, and they'll swear their bond with their rescued pal is as deep as they come.

When you open your heart and your home to an older dog or cat who needs help,

they really do show their appreciation for the rest of their life!

Pets who have been uprooted from their homes, or have had difficult beginnings are likely to bond completely and deeply with their new human caretakers who they view as heroes. No matter what circumstances brought them to OHAR, these pets are exceptionally affectionate and extremely loyal companions. Once they are adopted, they usually want nothing more than to please their new hero---YOU!

Adoption Process

When adopting a Platinum Paws Pet, our traditional adoption process will be followed.

  1. Submit application 

  2. OHAR will contact personal and vet references

  3. Home visit to verify home meet the pet's requirements

  4. One week trial

  5. Finalize adoption at the end of the week trial

Thanks to a loving donor, the adoption fee of the Platinum Paws Pet has been sponsored 

Seniors for Seniors

The adoption process for a PPP over the age of 7 is very much like our standard adoption process above.

However, if you are 65+ years of age and choose one of our beloved seniors, the adoption fee is not only sponsored

but we also provide a welcome kit that includes your dog’s harness and collar, a leash, a starter supply of food and medication,

a doggy bed, and, if needed, home modifications such as a doggy gate and stairs.

*Regardless of the sponsored fee, backgrounds are conducted on all potential adopters by connecting both vet and personal references.

Home checks to ensure the pet and family are a good match are also conducted. 

How To Sponsor a Platinum Paws Pet

A sponsorship gift is a one-time gift of $200 or more made in honor of an animal at OHAR.

An individual, organization or company can sponsor a pet by giving the set amount or by pulling together to raise the funds.


The sponsorship can also be given in honor of someone else.

To show our appreciation of your generous gift,

the sponsor's name(s) will be published on the pet's bio and posted on social media. 

How Your Sponsorship Gift Helps

When you sponsor a homeless pet at OHAR, you help that animal in ways that can't even be counted.

Platinum Paws Program helps pair animals with loving homes by covering the adoption fee

and ensuring the pet is comfortable in their new home. 

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Sponsored Platinum Pets

Select the image to learn more about the pet

If interested in sponsoring a pet, please contact us!

Pets In Need Of Sponsorship



I need a sponsor! Can you help  me?



I need a sponsor! Can you help  me?

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