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Patience - Responsibility - Empathy - Partnership

Working for the Future

Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc. proudly provides dogs to the Dallas based nonprofit Youth with Faces for participation in this program located within the Dallas County Juvenile Department.  PREP stands for the core principles of the structured curriculum designed to benefit both the teens and our dogs.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

- Josh Billings

In PREP, the two groups meet, build skills and along the way, mutually improve their outlooks for the future.  Students are assigned a homeless dog to train, which increases the animal's adoption potential, while teaching the youth valuable life lessons, such as therapeutic benefits, violence prevention and pet-related job experience.  The youth and the dogs are supervised by professional dog trainers from Eureka Canine Behavior Specialists located here in North Central Texas. 

Dogs graduated from this program are referred to as our 

Gold Star Dogs 

and their adoption fee is higher, as they come to their new home already trained in basic obedience commands. 

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