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Oak Hill Animal Rescue has a strategic partnership with Fidus!

Oak Hill Animal Rescue is a proud partner of Fidus Pet Concierge Communities opening in the DFW area of Texas. Fidus Communities are the first of its kind, completely dog-centric luxury apartments that are built to cater exclusively to dog owners. Having no breed or weight restrictions and allowing 3 dogs per unit, Fidus has opened thousands of homes for more good dogs to be adopted.


The concept behind Fidus Communities stems from their love for dogs, and the realization that housing restrictions and the inability to care for dogs while owners are away have led to the devastating increase of dogs in rescues and shelters and the euthanasia rate continuing to skyrocket. The mission behind Fidus Communities is truly to assist with clearing the kennels, and to make a drastic decline in the number of dogs being euthanized due to nothing other than the overpopulation and crowding of shelters. Oak Hill Animal Rescue fully stands behind and supports the Fidus mission.


If you are considering surrendering your dog due to housing restrictions and living in the DFW area of Texas, Oak Hill Animal Rescue highly urges you to move into a Fidus Community instead. If you are a dog owner and you are looking for a new apartment in the DFW area of Texas, we highly recommend you move into a Fidus Community. If you do move into a Fidus Community, be sure and mention you heard about them from Oak Hill Animal Rescue so you can receive a $50 discount on the registration fee and we will receive a $200 donation!







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