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Adoption FAQs

  • What are the adoption steps?
    1) Find a pet that fills your heart 2) Complete an APPLICATION 3) Allow a home visit and reference checks Find more specifics on our ADOPT page, or touch base with us from the CONTACT page or Facebook!
  • What if the pet I adopted doesn't adapt well to my home?
    Our "no-fault adoption" process includes a weeks' trial home visit. You have the 7 days after the animal is dropped off at your home to bond with your new fur-child and make sure it's the right fit. At the end of those 7 days, you'll come back into the adoption center in Rockwall to finalize the adoption, or simply bring the pet back.
  • Why is there an adoption fee?
    We spend over $200 on each pet, which includes medical care, boarding, and food. Your adoption fee is not to pay for the medical care on the animal you are adopting; previous donations covered those costs. Your adoption fee allows us to continue our rescue and adoption efforts and is therefore is non-refundable.
  • How do I know my pet is healthy?
    Understand that these pets are rescued from the streets and we cannot guarantee the health of the pet. All have seen a licensed veterinarian for vaccinations and heartworm test, so we know that status and manage it as necessary.
  • Will I have a health history for my pet?
    All adopted pets come with medical records, vaccination records, spay/neuter and micro-chip and heartworm status.​ When you adopt one of our animals, you agree to keep this pet on monthly heartworm preventative throughout its lifetime. Don't know why? Ask us!
  • If we find a pet at your adoption venue, can we take it home that day?"
    We suggest reading our Adoption Process to better understand the requirements. Our screening process is intended to ensure these dogs and cats are never found in a city shelter again. This page explains the criteria that must be met in order to adopt, and when you can expect to receive the pet you've chosen.
  • How often do you hold adoptions?
    We hold adoptions every Saturday 12:30-4:30 and every Sunday 12:30-4:00 in Rockwall, across from Petsmart and Cotton Patch. at the Petsmart store in Rockwall, TX. Click on the Adoption Tab/Adoption Venue for store address and phone.
  • Can I adopt the dog I'm fostering?
    Absolutely! The steps will be the same as a general adoption... you'll just know what you're getting into. Contact your Foster Coordinator for more information.
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