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OHAR believes in Science Based - Positive Reinforcement Training

Over the past two decades, formal studies have been conducted in Behavioral Science, as it relates to animals. Researchers have found that, much like humans, animals have the ability to be trained and to learn and will tend to respond better when the environment is positive and encouraging. Training an animal is not unlike teaching a young child; the fundamental objective is the same: to get the subject to choose the appropriate behavior rather than feeling coerced into it through fear and intimidation. Fear and intimidation may bring about the desired response, while positive reinforcement will bring about the desired behavior.

Recommended Trainers

Debbie Ferrell


In-Home Training

Group Classes

Positive Reinforcement Training

The creme de la creme of trainers, behaviorist and animal welfare organizations all agree that positive reinforcement training is key to successful training and deepening the bond between

you and your furry family member.

Humane Society

Positively with Victoria Stillwell

Psychology Today

American Animal Hospital Association

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

What's Wrong with the Prong?

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