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CeCe's Salvation

We had been semi-searching for the perfect family dog for our three (little) kids. Every dog that we had shown our kids, or visited in the animal shelter, they weren’t totally in love with - and neither were we. I visited OHAR in Rockwall about 3 Sundays ago with a friend. I saw Cece in the kennel and instantly fell in love with her.

As we were leaving, one of the volunteers had her on a leash in the front and said she was going to likely be gone to an adoption event the next weekend. When I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about Cece! She was the perfect dog, perfect temperament, super friendly and loving. I showed our kids and my husband a few pictures I got of her, and they were instantly in love. The entire week they couldn’t stop talking about wanting to see “Cece”; however, I was sure she was going to already be adopted at the event. Next Sunday rolls around and after church my husband says “Let’s go see if that dog you were talking about is still there”. When we got there, we quickly learned that the adoption event was canceled due to weather, and our kids quickly picked out Cece from the other dogs. The moment we saw her with our kids, we knew she was the one. We left with the adoption paperwork and they brought her to us on Thursday.

She’s seriously the most perfect dog!! She is incredibly gentle and patient with our kids, especially our one year old. She loves playing fetch, going on walks, getting her belly rubbed, chewing on her bone, playing and snuggling with the kids, barking at our sheep neighbors, and running in the backyard.

Thank you Oak Hill Animal Rescue and all the volunteers for such a great adoption experience.💕

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