Suggested Contacts for Reporting Animal Abuse

Local Resources - Contact your local Humane Society or SPCA, Animal Control or other Rescue Groups.  All of these organizations have investigative departments or other resources to look into cruelty/neglect situations.  (Search a national directory of animal welfare organizations to find rescues in your area).

  • Law Enforcement - Contact the local sheriff, police department, constable
  • Prosecuting Attorney/Judge - These judicial representatives can advocate for enforcement of local and state animal protection laws.
  • Town Officials/Mayor/State Senators & Representatives - These political figures can help in bringing animal protection issues to the public's attention and can enact/revise related laws.
  • State Veterinarians/Dept of Agriculture - When issues are raised about pet stores, breeding operations, rescues/shelters, circuses, zoos or farms, refer them to these state resources.
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife - Responsible for enforcing many wildlife related federal laws and management programs
  • - Report concerns regarding lab animal care

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