Oak Hill Animal Rescue
Adoption Process

Adoption fees are $225 for Dog/Puppy and $200 Cat/Kitten

Obedience Trained - $250  Heartworm Treated - $275

  • Be at least 18 years of age with the responsibility of maintaining a household (no full time students).
  • Have proof of current address and picture identification (driver’s license preferred)
  • Have the consent and knowledge of all adults living in the household to adopt a pet.
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide for the training, medical treatment and veterinary care for the pet's lifetime.
  • Have a fenced yard with a locked gate.  Fence must be in good repair with no broken or weak slats or wide space on bottom.
  • Agree to consider the pet as a member of the family and provide indoor shelter.
  • Understand that these pets are rescued from the streets and we cannot guarantee the health of the pet. All have seen a licensed veterinarian for vaccinations and heartworm test so we know that status and manage it.
  • You agree to place personal ID on the animal as soon as possible and provide an environment for this pet, that keeps it safe and secure.
  • Complete an application, allow a home visit and reference checks.
  • Agree to keep this pet on monthly heartworm preventative throughout its lifetime.  Don't know why?  Ask us!

Renters:  If you rent or lease your home, we require a copy of the lease which states any weight or breed restrictions for the complex/landlord and you must provide proof of pet deposit receipt from the landlord or apartment complex prior to adoption.

  • All adopted pets come with medical records, vaccination records, spay/neuter and micro-chip and heartworm status.
  • Our "no-fault adoption" process includes a week' trial home visit.
  • We spend over $200 on each pet, which includes medical care, boarding and food. Your adoption fee is not to pay for the medical care on the animal you are adopting; previous donations covered those costs. Your adoption fee allows us to continue our rescue and adoption efforts and is therefore is non-refundable.
Out of Area Adoptions:   We have done adoptions out of the Metroplex and also out of state, but these are rare instances and typically when a dog or cat has not found a home locally after a long time, and the potential adopter appears to be a good fit and their references can be verified.  It's our intent however, to adopt locally first due to our requirements for vetting the household via home visits and introductions to other pets in the home.  If you are not local and wish to submit an application, it will be kept on file as a recourse if no home can be found locally.

Under-age children:  Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc. reserves the right to deny any application when the age of the children in the household is inappropriate to the age or size of the pet being adopted.
Existing pets in the household:  Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc. requires all pets in the adopting household be spayed or neutered, current on vaccinations and on monthly heartworm prevention or the application will be denied.

Phone:  972.287.9150      Fax:  972.287-9149   Email:  info@ohar.org


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