PREP stands for:  Patience, Responsibility, Empathy and Partnership

Oak Hill Animal Rescue is proud to provide dogs to the Dallas County Juvenile Authority and Youth with Faces for participation in their PREP Program for "at risk" young men in Juvenile Detention.  The acronym of PREP stands for behaviors and skills developed through participation in this program.  For those young men interested in a career working with animals, PREP provides them a marketable skill and competitive advantage in the job market.  Click on PREP Program

This wonderful program changes the lives of these young men forever and makes our rescue dogs 100% more adoptable.  The PREP program is also proud of their zero percent recidivism rate for boys who participate in this program while in juvenile detention.

Dogs who have graduated from this program are referred to as our Gold Star Dogs.  Their adoption fee is higher as they come to their new home with full obedience training and the skill set that offers.  Training and supervision of this program is provided by Eureka Canine Behaviorist.  Click this link to meet the wonderful team of people working to make a difference in the lives of these kids and our dogs.

Eureka Canine Behaviorist


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