Oak Hill Animal Rescue, Inc.
Guiding Principles

  • Animals add to our life experience and make it fuller by their unqualified love and devotion.

  • Pets teach children about compassion and the gift of companionship - teaching responsibility for pets is the adult's job.

  • Pets are not for trading, selling or exchanging.  They are a lifetime commitment to one family and are not discarded due to health, lifestyle change or inconvenience.

  • Buying animals from breeders contributes to the problem.  Adoption from animal shelters and strong spay/neuter programs is the solution.  Ask yourself "Am I part of the solution, or part of the problem?"

  • Responsible pet care includes spay/neuter, regular vaccinations and heartworm prevention.

  • Compassionate care means your pet is a family member, with all that affords.

  • Compassion through education.  Foster a sentiment of kindness to animals in children and adults by teaching responsibility for their care and well being.

  • It should never take a state law to mandate against tying a dog out on a chain.  This is inhumane and dangerous to the animal and ultimately people.

    We work very hard to save dogs and cats that would otherwise be euthanized in local city shelters.  This involves a great deal of time and a significant monetary commitment.  In return, we expect to place these animals in loving forever homes, where their last experience of abandonment is the city shelter.


Success Stories
Success Stories from Oak Hill Animal Rescue
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